Enoround wine dispenser has been discontinued and replaced by Unica wine dispenser.

To visit Unica webpage, please click on the link below.

16-Bottle Wine Dispenser

enoround elite®

Innovative 16-bottle wine dispenser & pouring systems to preserve flavors and aromas with the best of enomatic® technology:

  • Available models: Enoround 16 Room Temperature and Enoround 8+8 Dual Temperature (refrigerated, 16 bottles placed in a circle).
  • Display: each position has an LCD graphic touch screen interactive display to monitor the dispenser’s functions. A central LCD graphic screen supplies general information
  • Wine temperature: Room Temperature or Refrigerated: from 7 to 18 °C (from 45 to 64 °F). The Dispenser has a dual temperature compartments managed separately in order to serve both red and white wines.
  • Gas supply: food grade nitrogen or argon (cylinder or generator not included).
  • Cooling system: by refrigerator compressor.
  • Environment control: a junction box performs a check on allexternal environment conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) in order to auto-adjust the dispenser’s efficiency. This guarantees increased precision of pour volumes and better functionality of the refrigeration system.
  • Nitrogen/Argon leak control: a designated pressure control system highlights any gas leak directly on the display.
  • Positioning: support furniture needed. For the correct positioning the base height must be between 90 and 95 cm