Barcode Reader Option

Enomatic® Contactless Wine Dispenser

Unleash the full potential of the self-serve Enomatic® concept by deploying the barcode/QR code reading capability!
Enoline ELITE® models are available with optional barcode/QR code reader mounted on the front panel and designed to replace use of the standard wine cards. Our available API will enable the connection between your Enomatic® (via our software application Enosoft®) and external systems such as : 
  • POS; 
  • Website / e-commerce;
  • Mobile App;
  • Gift Card systems etc.

Barcode / QR code are a versatile and proven way to interact with customers since they can be adapted to virtually any support (wristbands, mobile app, stickers, receipts paper…) supporting a wide range of applications. Virtualizing the method of payment that way makes it possible to reload credits onto customer accounts remotely for example. 

We have also launched Neo-Barcode, custom solution developed by Neodistributing LLC to complement Enomatic barcode / QR code capability. This standalone portal allows for barcode / QR code activation with credits, manage pre-paid and post-paid (open-tab), check balance and movements on each barcode / Qr code, multi-user / transactions reports, and more! 

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