Contactless Wine Experience

Enomatic® Wine Dispensers

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Limit product and bottle handling with Enomatic® wine dispensers

Once you insert your bottles in a Enomatic® system, they are preserved for 30+ days, reducing automatically the frequency on which you change your bottles and resulting in an immediate limitation of handling by your staff. By greatly lowering the usual contact with bottles to serve wine, you can avoid a potential contamination.  

Enomatic® self-serve technology to limit contact

Our wine dispensers allow a contactless experience by limiting to a minimum the contact between your staff and your guests. Our self-serve wine systems replace the potentially stressful interaction with the bartender by letting people serve themselves directly by a touch on a screen and without any physical contact with another person. You can also easily implement social distancing by spacing the unit(s) as needed.

glass protected touchscreens on an enomatic wine dispenser

Unique design with Glass Protected Touchscreens for easy cleaning

Stainless steel construction and glass protected touchscreens for system interactions allow for an easy cleaning to kill germs and bacteria. Absence of physical buttons and openings reduce the risk of contamination. Our glass protected touchscreen technology also works with protective gloves on. This will help you make sure to offer a safe tasting experience to your guests thanks to our unique wine dispenser design.

Enomatic® barcode reader option as an alternative to wine card use

Enomatic® offers a barcode option for the self-serve operation of its wine dispensers. Instead of handing your patrons a wine card, you can send them a barcode directly to their phone to operate the wine dispenser(s), thus avoiding close contact. The barcode allows for the same options as our card system, letting you choose between different types of operations such as "pre-paid," "open-tab" and more.

Enomatic Wine Dispenser Self-serve Elite