Enomatic is on point for 2015 trends

wine dispenser enomatic FAQ

Following last years trend for ‘hipster wine’ – (rare, odd or organic) the tide is definitely turning towards classic wine with a focus on soil and taste for 2015.

Our demand for ‘better’ wine is growing. We want to be educated by our wine, to know what it is and where it comes from. Sommeliers and consumers alike are seeking out wine with provenance and a personal story, choosing those which make most sense. This year will also see emerging wine regions from Greece, England and Brazil feature more prominently on wine lists. Discovering what we like and what we don’t like can be exciting, but also risky. Sampling wine in 1oz servings from Enomatic systems removes that uncertainty, allowing everyone to be more adventurous. Restaurants and wine bars take less of a gamble investing in lesser known varieties or regions and wine lovers can cross continents in a glass to find what’s right for them!