Enomatic wine dispenser northpole customized
Enomatic wine dispenser northpole serving

Chilled Spirits Dispenser

enomatic Northpole®

enomatic Northpole® is the new "Plug & Play" dispenser for spirits to be served chilled such as vodka, limoncello and sake. Cooling system wit configurable temperature to -5°C (23°F). Customization option for front panel.


  • Available model: enomatic NorthPole® 4-Bottle Chilled Spirits Dispenser refrigerated
  • Display: each position has an LCD graphic touch screen interactive display to monitor the dispenser’s functions. A side LCD graphic screen supplies general information
  • Dispenser temperature: 23 to 41 °F
  • Lighting: LED lit that indicates the dispenser efficiency level. Light intensity changes according to different functions.
  • Use and system activation: dispenser can be used either behind the counter or self-service (with smart card).
  • Cooling system: by refrigerator compressor.
  • Gas supply: food nitrogen or argon (gas tank or generator not included).
  • Compressor positioning: right or left side.
  • Positioning: can be lined up on both sides. Leave at least 4" at the rear. Support furniture needed. "Plug & Play" installation.
  • Opening: drop-down door with serigraphic glass and key lock.
  • Bottles lifting system: electric pistons.
  • Wine card: chip card and RFIP system.
  • Module interfacing: LAN network, TCP/IP protocol.