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Neo-Barcode is a custom solution developed by Neodistributing LLC to complement Enomatic wine dispensers barcode/QR code capability.

Paired with Enosoft® PRO, this standalone portal allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the barcode/QR code reading feature. No need to go through a lengthy/expensive integration process with a third party such as a POS system.

Neo-barcode is an easy to use application that offers the following features:

Activate ANY barcode/QR code with credits

Conveniently, you can activate and load credits onto any barcode/QR code, including digital barcodes that your guest already carry on their phones (membership, rewards cards or pharmacy loyalty cards).

We can also design and provide on demand your own branded card with unique QR code numbering to be handed out to the guests.

Manage pre-paid and post paid (open tab)

Similar to what can be done through Enosoft®, you will be able to offer both prepaid program and open tab capability (with pouring $ limit).

Neo-Barcode application for Enomatic Wine Dispensers

Check balance and movements for each barcode/QR code

Neo-Barcode portal allows for a quick check balance of any QR code in the system by typing or scanning it in the search box. It will display current balance as well as all recent transactions (pouring and loading) and allows you to recharge the balance on the fly.

Neo-Barcode application for Enomatic Wine Dispensers

Link customer information to barcode/QR code

The embedded database will record customer information including emails, therefore enabling you to email balance and transactions list to your guests.

Neo-Barcode application for Enomatic Wine Dispensers

Multi-user and transactions reports

Create credentials for each employees, ensuring total traceability of the transaction and movements for audit purpose. The portal can be accessed from multiple computers at once across the local network.

Neo-Barcode application for Enomatic Wine Dispensers

PRICE : $1,250 (one time fee) + $30/mo


  • License ;
  • Installation ;
  • USB barcode scanner (1D/2D).

Requirements : 

  • Enosoft PRO® package with barcode plug-in ;
  • Dispensers equipped with OEM front facing barcode readers.