Enomatic® newest wine dispenser

Unica 8-Bottle wine dispenser by Enomatic, front face
Unica is the new revolutionary wine dispenser by Enomatic®. Years of refinement and expertise to create the most advanced wine serving system for today's world.
Available in 4-Bottle or 8-Bottle, its new modular construction let your imagination take control by allowing to create different shapes thanks to our corner kits.
The new glass protected 7" TFT color touchscreens bring a clean design with a new level of details and interactions. This new user interface shows how to operate the system and brings the opportunity to add information about wines.
Redesigned door opening system with new gas struts makes it easy and safe to access your bottles. New gas spring lifts let you insert and remove them with a simple push, insuring you a quick operation at anytime with no compromise.
All of these amazing new features and our famous refined Italian design make UNICA a true renaissance in the world of wine dispensers.
Unica wine dispenser black finish stainless steel


Chrome, black and brushed stainless steel
Unica Enomatic wine dispenser gas spring lifters


New gas spring lifters for easy bottle loading
Unica wine dispenser door details with gas struts opening


New lock & gas strut system for a quick & easy secure access
Unica Enomatic wine dispenser led strips interior and exterior


New interior and exterior dimmable LED strip lighting


4-Bottle wine dispenser

Unica 4-Bottle wine dispenser by Enomatic, side view
model W H D Weight Electrical Specs
UNICA 4 20.91 in 27.72 in 12.48 in 81.57 lbs 110V | 120W


8-Bottle wine dispenser

Unica 8-Bottle wine dispenser by Enomatic, side view
model W H D Weight Electrical Specs
UNICA 8 37.44 in 27.72 in 12.48 in 126.77 lbs 110V | 125W


New 7" TFT HD color touchscreens with 140º viewing angles


Assemble multiple units to create unique shapes with our dedicated "corners"


New low energy / ultra-silent refrigeration system with temperatures from 43ºF to 64ºF


Preserve opened bottles for 30+ days in pristine conditions


Allow self-serve operation by guests with our software Enosoft


Wireless connection to your network now available through WiFi

Assembly of 6x Unica 4-Bottle wine dispensers


Unica brings a new design to Enomatic with a slimer profil paired with weight reduction thanks to the latest generation of technical hardware and a compact refrigeration system.
This unique construction allows a totally new modular design, allowing to assemble multiple units together and create numerous different shapes adapted to your environment (round, wall, half-moon, "snake" and more).
Let your imagination take control by creating the perfect size and shape dispenser by assembling your Unicas with our optional corners available in 3x different versions: 60º, 72º and 90º.
Unica different assembly examples of multiple units


Unica introduces new built-in apps to improve your experience with the dispensers: S3app and Card Generator.
With S3app, you can now access your dispensers directly from a web browser on your local network (WiFi or LAN connection). Create and assign new wines (label, producer, pricing, alc. vol., grapevine %) to each of your dispenser positions from your phone, tablet or computer.
Card Generator is an easy way for small operations with up to two dispensers to create wine cards directly from the dispenser, allowing self-serving to their guests. For bigger operations, ask us about our dedicated software Enosoft.
Unica wine dispenser s3app
Unica wine dispenser user interface on touchscreen


Enomatic® brought its long expertise into refining the user experience with Unica. While developing this new generation of wine dispenser, we drew a totally new interface thanks to Unica new glass protected touchscreens.
The 7" HD touchscreens brings millions of colors and now allows to show more information than ever.
User friendly experience is offered thanks to customizable backgrounds and quick "how to use" instructions directly readable from the screens. Remaining credits, pricing and bottles information are now visible directly on the screen and can be changed from our sofware Enosoft.


New technologies for a new era, Unica wine dispenser is made for the wine enthusiasts of the 21st century.
Enomatic® unique design made in Italy with the latest improvement allows the perfect wine moment. Interior and exterior LED strips combined with new lifters sublime your most premium bottles, showing them entirely to the eyes of connoisseurs and increasing their thirst for this whole new tasting experience.
Going back to a blank page for this new design let us come up with a new dispenser that will be at the cutting edge of technology for years to come. A true renaissance!
Wall construction of Unica wine dispensers