Send us your video testimonial and earn $100!

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We are building a large database of video testimonials from our customers to create a vibrant community around the leader in wine dispensing equipment that will be available on our different platforms: blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!

We would love for you to share in a video testimonial your story and how your experience with Enomatic Wine Dispenser(s) has helped you succeed!

Let us know in a short video how you came up with your concept and what part played Enomatic in that story. Show and tell the world how our wine dispensers are helping you create the best wine experience for your guests and we will thank you with a $100 credit on your next invoice!

1. Shoot your video testimonial

Your video should be shot by someone that can film you in front of your Enomatic wine dispenser(s) in landscape mode with a phone or a digital camera. Please feel free to provide us with more video content and/or pictures from your business to highlight your story. Do not worry about making it perfect, send us the raw footage and we will edit it to make it great!

To help with the process, here are a few questions you could use for your video interview:

> Who are you / could you tell us more about yourself?

> How did you come across Enomatic?

> What is your business and the story behind it? How did you choose your location?

> Why did you choose Enomatic and how is it helping you succeed in your mission?

> What are in your opinion the best benefits of using an Enomatic wine dispensing system?

> Is the self-serve option an important part of your concept? How do you explain it to your guests?

> Does the self-serve option help you focus on other tasks such as spending more time educating your guests on wines and others?

> How is Enomatic service/tech support? Would you recommend the brand to others that want to improve their wine experience?

Once you are pleased with your video testimonial, you can submit it to us by following the instructions on step 2.

2. Upload and share your video testimonial with us

Thank you for working on your video! You can now share it with us along with pictures of your business by uploading them to our cloud storage directly with the button below:

3. Save $100 on your next invoice!

Once you have submitted your video and pictures, we will contact you and you will receive a $100 credit on your next invoice!