Enomatic® Self-Serving Operations

Wine cards system & Enosoft Software

Enomatic® systems are designed to work both as behind-the-bar and self-serve operations. For the latter, our software solutions give your guests the opportunity to serve themselves directly from your Enomatic® wine dispensers.
The innovative software packages Card Generator / Enosoft and the built-in functionnalities in our new dispenser Unica are the perfect assistant to help with your self-serve operation and business.
With wine cards (smartcards or RFID cards), barcode or QR code, the ease of use and a quick to learn interface is what drives us when designing our software.
Laptop with Enomatic enosoft software for self-serving capability

Designed for operations with over two wine dispensers or high traffic, Enosoft allows to control an unlimited number of dispensers and to manage wine cards. Enosoft manages and stores all the information about every wine tasting operation.

Allows to:

• create rechargeable wine cards with customization options (VIP cards, restaurant cards, loyalty cards, service cards etc...) for your guests to serve themselves from the enomatic® wine dispenser;

• get real time information and alerts about your dispensers (low and empty bottles, door not properly closed, low gas pressure etc...);

• create and manage a database according to: type of wine, products, consumptions, number of pouring etc...

• generate linked statistics of the entire database, by using a powerful data warehouse in order to monitor: the consumption of the clients, the consumption of each wine, every single transaction by hour/day/month/year, every operation linked to each client/supplier/producer, the movements and cash transactions and all the service control operations carried out on the dispensers.

• export your statistics and reports on your wine program and enomatic® wine dispensers in excel files to work on them and consolidate your data;

• set special sale as happy hour, limitations according to the time of the day;

• insert and update automatically the wine price, insert a short description of the wine label on the lcd touch screen display of the dispensers;

• manage and create wine cards through a 3rd party POS system with whom we have an integration available such as Micros, Aloha, Dineware and others.

Designed for small operations with one or two dispensers and regular traffic. Card Generator is available as an application to be installed on a computer that is easily accessible to you and/or your staff and requires one of our USB card reader.
Enomatic software card generator
It allows you to create wine cards for your customers, add credit on them, put an expiration date. This is a simple tool to use and is also available as a built-in functionnality in our new Enomatic® wine dispenser UNICA.
Enomatic card generator on Unica touchscreen
Enoapp is the built-in app that comes with our Enomatic® Unica, it is designed to give a quick view of the dispensers connected to your local network through a web browser on your phone tablet, or computer.
It provides information on the type of wine bottles that are currently loaded in the system, the time they have been inserted, the remaining volume, when maintenance is due and when it was last done, the list of transactions and more. 
Enomatic enoapp main menu